Poppin’ Tags

By Emilee Renwick With all this snow falling upon us it got me thinking. Goodwills are like snowflakes. They are all different. Sure there are commonalities, but no one Goodwill is the same on any given day. I took it upon myself to go check out a few in the area so the next time […]

Rachel’s Report: Olympians prove that hard work pays off

By Rachel Pasker They floated around the ice so gracefully they made anyone who has fallen while in a pair of skates look like they were so uncoordinated they have trouble walking on a daily basis. Meryl Davis and Charlie White worked together for 17 years before finally earning a gold medal at the 2014 […]

The student, the budget and the wardrobe

By Alexandra Fulton Much to my disbelief, it seems as if I didn’t give a few guys on campus enough advice about fashion in the last issue. Trust me, I was shocked too. I could not believe that a few people approached and actually wanted more details…where do I find these fashion must-haves, what do […]

Eating disorders: Know the symptoms, not the stigma

By Kelly Steiner Chances are you heard the debate just a few weeks ago over whether the most recent “Biggest Loser” winner, Rachel Frederickson, was anorexic. Or you may remember Demi Lovato’s admissions to having an eating disorder and practicing self-harm. But eating disorders aren’t glamorous problems that only hit Hollywood. In fact, it’s more […]

SAU students hit the big time in local film

By Chris Scudder Over the past couple weekends St. Ambrose students, alumni and faculty took part in filming the movie “Sons and Daughters of Thunder.” Some of these students held major roles while others only played extras. The filming took place just a few miles from the Quad Cities in Andover, Ill. “Sons & Daughters […]

‘The LEGO Movie’ builds individuality

By Hannah Bates “The LEGO Movie” has all the signs of being just another cookie cutter animated movie. It could have easily been a lazily written commercial for LEGOS. However, “The LEGO Movie” is a pleasant surprise for a February movie, a month not usually known for its high quality films. While the story is […]

Step aside, stress: Study tips for midterms

By Brianna Bellman Believe it or not, midterms are just around the corner and soon the stress of studying will ensue. To keep a level head, try some of the tips below: First Step: Plan Ahead Time management is one of the hardest things to conquer especially when you are trying to balance school, a […]