Maddie McElroy

Volleyball senior spotlight: M. McElroy

By Taylor Granell Two time varsity captain, last year’s first team all conference, team leading blocker, all while balancing a nursing major. Seems like there isn’t much senior, Maddie McElroy, can’t do. While the women’s volleyball program was juggling quite a few injuries last year, players were put to the test by being forced out […]

golf feature

The beat goes on for one SAU golfer

By Rex Farmer College Athletes already have enough on their plate with school and practice. But SAU golfer Caroline Griffin has been dealt a tougher hand then the average student. Griffin was unable to attend SAU last spring semester due to heart failure. This wasn’t the first time she had experienced heart problems. Griffin had […]

china museum

Art students soon to study in China

By Alyson Blech St. Ambrose University art professor, Clea Felien, hung up her painting smock and left the classroom for Guangzhou, China this summer. After interest came up about developing a study abroad program in Guangzhou, Felien has worked throughout the summer to bring a new opportunity to art students. It was initially Ben Fawkes, […]