Changes for historic Ambrose Hall

AmbroseHallBy next fall, the Beehive will have a whole new look and the outside of Ambrose Hall will be transformed.

The Beehive will have games, a TV with surround sound, music, a coffeehouse and sandwich shop, according to Student Activities Director Jason Richter. He said the goal is to centralize all activities in one place so students have somewhere to go in between classes.

“The spiral staircase is probably going to come out and all that carpet is going to get ripped out,” Richter said. In addition, a wall will be torn down to add a window, letting more light in. New furniture will be brought in and the walls will be repainted, bringing a fresh new look and mold-free Beehive.

Renovations will begin this summer and be completed by the 2013 fall semester.

Richter said the space will be geared towards commuter students, who currently have nowhere to go between classes.

“Next year is probably going to be a lot more convenient for commuter students,” Richter said. “Now it will be right there where their classes are all at, so they don’t have to even leave the building if they don’t want to.”

While that is being done, the outside of Ambrose Hall will also be getting a new face as part of a several million dollar project that’s been in the making for years.

According to Physical Plant Services Director Jim Hannon, there will be a total review of the building envelope, including a new roof in some areas, all new windows, brick tuck pointing and some new doors. The hope is to restore Ambrose Hall to its original state and beauty.

“That will be a pretty extensive renovation,” Hannon said, adding that he wants to put up a clock on the steeple like there was originally and make the overall look more ornate.

Bush Construction is working closely with Ambrose on the project, and they hope to have the project completed by December of 2013.

“They’ve got a pretty aggressive schedule,” Hannon said, adding that he won’t mind if it takes a little bit longer. However, he recognizes that the biggest challenge is “how to be as minimally disruptive as possible.”

Everyone in Ambrose Hall will be affected somehow, from students to the president. Some may have to move to temporary classrooms or office spaces during renovation and there will be noise while windows and roofs are replaced.

While there may be minor setbacks for students, faculty and staff during renovation, the hope is that the end product is something all Ambrosians can be proud of and enjoy.


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