BEESWAX: Dr. William Lesch, PhD. Dean of the College of Business

By Beck Leke

St. Ambrose University hired a new dean for the College of Business at the beginning of the school year. William Lesch, PhD, better known as Bill, is from Dubuque, Iowa and has worked in many different parts and institutions in the country for the last 30 years before coming to St. Ambrose.

After finishing his PhD in 1983, Lesch was already teaching for a year at Bailey University in Texas. This year makes his 32nd year being involved with teaching and any administrative activities. He now resides in Bettendorf, Iowa.

With the number of faculty members, undergraduate and graduate students that the College of Business has including the variety of programs both in the undergraduate and graduate level, Lesch says it’s a full compliment to be a part of it.

“When I saw an opportunity to come to St. Ambrose, I knew it was a great opportunity,” Lesch said. “And it just turns out to be everything I had imagined and more.”

Lesch was at the University of North Dakota as a faculty member and a chair before taking the position as the dean for the College of Business. He says the two schools just like most schools share the same problems and him and his faculty members have to grow the same talents to manage these problems.

“It’s been great,” Lesch said. “I have spent time with two student groups. First with the editorial staff of The Buzz and second with the marketing club. But even though it’s just two so far, the students are very engaged and that is just great.”

Lesch says from his experience here so far and with anybody like him being able to come from outside and take a “snap chat” shows that the faculty members are very dedicated, very active, very engaged and excited to improve the College of Business’ future.

“So this is a wonderful environment to have an opportunity to lead,” he said.

Lesch says after thirty something years of working in his field there are still many things that he would like to do and there are still many things he would like to accomplish to advance St. Ambrose as an institution and that’s the challenge that keeps him going.

“I now have the best job in the Quad Cities ” Lesch said.

Lesch is an alumnus of his hometown’s Loras College. He is married with three daughters with one at the University of Iowa and another one at Metropolitan State in Saint Paul, Minn. The third daughter graduated from the University of Iowa about six years ago.


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