Survival horror games to play this holiday season

By Sawyer Andrews

Alien Isolation:

This survival horror game made by Creative Assembly was based on “Alien.” It has been carefully designed to make the player feel like they’re on the space station that the film presented. It doesn’t follow the film’s plot, so the story is fresh and little is reused. The alien itself stalks the player through the entire game with a strong AI. In terms of survival horror games, “Alien Isolation” stands out due to the AI. This creature is relentless, and it adapts to what the player does. It has no real walk pattern. It cannot be killed by the player, and this is not a shooter. The player will be hunted by the alien until reaching the end of the game. People have said that this game is 20 hours long, so keep that in mind. Believe the title, there is no co-op and no multiplayer, the player is on their own for this game.

Tense. Smart. And right…bloody. This is an “alien” game, don’t expect anything less than an M rating.
Alien Isolation is available as of Oct. 7 on the PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and the Xbox One.

The Evil Within:

The creator of “Resident Evil” is the mind behind this game’s development. Using the environment in certain ways causes the game world to transform as a result of the player’s actions. Weapons, bombs, and traps are used to combat enemies or flee from them – the choice of which falls to the player. Enemies have to be incinerated to be put permanently out of action and fire sources are scarce. Terror is around every corner for the main character in a deranged world.

Not every enemy can be defeated, so hiding may be the only solution to avoid the servants of death. The game does not give many chances to fight, so have a sanctuary in mind to flee to if the fight is going south.

While the story may not be the strongest, the gameplay makes up for it tenfold. It’s safe to say fans of “Resident Evil” will not be disappointed.
“The Evil Within” is available as of Oct. 14 on the PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and the Xbox One.

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