Author talks gender inequality and how to fight it

By Rachel Pasker The topic of gender has been an idea present on the minds of many at St. Ambrose University this semester as it is the theme for the year, but one keynote speaker turned that idea into a pressing issue on Oct. 21 at the Galvin Fine Arts Center. Journalist Sheryl WuDunn spoke […]

SAU hosts Congressional and Senatorial debates

By Shelby Shepherd Many students vacated the St. Ambrose University campus the Thursday afternoon of Oct. 11 to head home after finishing dreaded midterms. But the campus did not stay quiet for long. That Saturday, Oct. 12, the Galvin Fine Arts Center was home to two debates: one between U.S. Congressional candidates for the 2 […]

Clothesline project gives voice to the abused

By Shelby Shepherd For five hours on Oct. 2, the Beehive in Ambrose Hall will help make the voices heard of those who have been hurt by an issue that has been widely talked about across the country in the past few weeks: domestic violence and sexual assault. The Clothesline Project will be displayed along […]

Students to walk for mental illness

By Sawyer Andrews In an effort to raise awareness, The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is having its annual walk on September 13 at Centennial Park  in Davenport. This is an important fundraiser for the organization’s mission and St. Ambrose is  supporting it again this year. “Raising awareness helps to normalize mental heath issues, […]