Theme focuses on gender for SAU

By Chris Scudder

St. Ambrose has a rich history of educating and guiding students for their future.

One thing that SAU likes to do each year is come up with a theme. Along with urban plunge, which helps first year students get involved in the community, these themes are made to help the students learn and discuss controversial topics. Last year’s theme was race matters. It focused on the topic of race in our everyday lives.

The new theme for this year is Gender. Coming off of last year’s theme, gender is a good way to tie everything together. Not only are there difficulties with race in our lives but also sexism. It may not seem like our gender comes into play a lot but it happens a lot more then we think.

“Gender affects out lives and it goes beyond just boy and girl. The theme of gender is intended to foster conversations,” Dr. Nicole Pizzini said.

The idea for this theme started with a small group from the sociology and criminal justice department. The idea quickly received a lot of support from several other faculty members in other departments.

“The project coordinators were willing to be involved right away. They started working on bringing speakers to campus and there was a lot of support and SAU and the community. The events are for students and faculty but also our community members,” Dr. Pizzini said.

Events have been planned for the remainder of the year. Posters with event information have been posted all around campus. Also more details can be found on the SAU website. More than a few good men: a lecture on American manhood and violence against women is the next event for exploring gender. It will take place on Sept. 10 at 7 p.m.

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