The Student, the budget and the wardrobe

Look Good, Feel Good

By Shelby Steger


Welcome back Bees! A new school year has begun once again. For newcomers on campus or even returners the hardest thing can simply be trying to fit in. Most us look to fashion when wanting to blend in with the big crowd. I wanted to continue a fashion column that SAU alum, Alexandra Fulton started a few years ago.

I am not telling anyone how to dress, nor am I a fashion expert by any means. This column is for those who are looking for some tips and ideas. When I look back through high school pictures I question what I thought style actually was. Fashion changes from month to month. Staying up to date with the latest looks is not easy.

Over the past three years I have realized there is a trend in fashion here at St. Ambrose University. I have always been interested in fashion and tried to stay on top of the latest trends. However, when I came to Ambrose I realized the SAU student’ fashion had its own sense of style; the “sporty look.” I am one of those students. However, some days I do find it more fun to look stylish for class. My thought has always been “Look Good, Feel Good.”

Since a new school year has begun I thought it would be appropriate to show off some simple but trendy outfits that would look good for a long stressful day of classes. I have listened to my friends and peers on campus talk about their new back to school clothes for the last couple weeks.


The denim outfit that is pictured was extremely simple until the tote bag and printed shoes were added. Prints are in for the upcoming season. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. It’s okay to put floral with plaid or some tribal print followed by chevron. Be the one to start the trend on campus.


Headbands are also very trendy. We’re all college students and usually wake up thirty minutes before class right? Cover up your bed head with a fashionable headband.

Jean shorts are starting to become a bit more complicated. Prints are being added to the back and front so tuck a v-neck or tank into your shorts to show off the prints. If your shorts are printed stick to a simple shirt in order for the shorts to be the statement piece. Speaking of shorts we all know high-wasted shorts are a huge trend in the Midwest, so throw on your mom shorts and head to class.


Yoga pants are a “go to” when it comes to waking up late, which is not a fashion no no. Just calls for accessories. Add a headband or fashion bag to help keep that look you’re going for.

Don’t be afraid to try something new. Feel free to give me ideas and fashion advice if you see me on campus or email me at I am so excited to share my fashion tips with all of you this year

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