The ‘Main Event’ is the ‘Next Big Thing’

By Alyson Blech

The Main Event made its debut on August 18, and with over 500 students in attendance it truly became a main event of Welcome Week at St. Ambrose. With most students moving in on August 17, it was one of the first things they heard about and one of the kickoff events for Welcome Week.

The event was sponsored by Residence Life and the Campus Activities Board and was held on Timmerman field outside of Lee Lohman. However, Theresa Diggs and Elijah Grant were the brains behind TME; both being RAs they worked together to create TME and publicize it on move-in day.

“This is the first ever TME that we’ve put on. Elijah had this idea of instead of having RAs put on several different programs, what if they all just worked together and had an all campus program,” Diggs said.

The main event consisted of free cotton candy and popcorn, giant twister and giant jenga, a giant jousting inflatable, a water balloon toss, a DJ and karaoke. A giant inflatable obstacle course was also set up along with a match of tug of war.

Campus Recreation also partnered with Residence Life and set up a game of capture the flag as a part of the event. A T-Shirt cannon was also present with around 65 t-shirts compliments of Power Grafx.

The game-filled night lasted from 6:15 PM until 8:30 PM with scheduled activities scattered throughout the evening.
Even though the students received a raffle prize just for showing up to the event, they also had a chance at another prize if they took a survey or played games.

“We really want to know what the students are interested in for future programs, so the survey asked about that and also helpful information like what class standing they are because we take that all into account when we plan programs,” Diggs said.

For now the group is working on fundraising to support their next event called The Next Big Thing to be held on Sept. 19.

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