Students to walk for mental illness

By Sawyer Andrews

In an effort to raise awareness, The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is having its annual walk on September 13 at Centennial Park  in Davenport. This is an important fundraiser for the organization’s mission and St. Ambrose is  supporting it again this year.

“Raising awareness helps to normalize mental heath issues, as a significant number of people will deal with it in their life at some point. This walk is a celebration of community and inclusion,” Dr. Andrew Kaiser, leader of Team Ambrose, said.

Team Ambrose has been challenged by various community colleges in the area to beat them in donations. Augustana, Western Illinois, Scott, Clinton, Muscatine community colleges, Brown-Mackie College, and Kaplan University are supporting NAMI as well. With so many  involved, the donations are sure to be plentiful.

Anyone interested in participating is being asked to donate one dollar or more when they sign up under Team Ambrose. A check-in for the event starts at 9 a.m., while the walk itself begins at 10 a.m. The more who attend and pitch in, the more likely it is that St. Ambrose University will walk away with the esteemed prize of “bragging rights.”

Team Ambrose’s fundraising goal for the event is $2,000, while the goal for the greater Mississippi Valley area is $100,000, so every little bit helps. No matter the victor, the funds are supporting the cause and helping millions of people across the country.

To sign up for this event and support NAMI, interested students can sign up for Team Ambrose here.


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