Person on the Street

By Lauren Portz

What do you think about the recent events in Ferguson?


Clarissa Hunzeker

– Clarissa Hunzeker, Waukee, IA, Chemistry, 2016

“I think that what happened in Ferguson makes it apparent that there is still racism happening. However, the people in Ferguson could have responded in a different way. All the rioting ended up just making the whole situation worse.”


Gavin ParkerPOS

– Gavin Parker, Washington, IA, Chemistry, 2016

“I feel as though the police are in the wrong, as they are suppose to be there to protect. But we can’t understand what anyone is really going through. Both parties are at fault and the only way to fix the situation is to realize that.”


Shalynn Eldredge-McMillanPOS

– Shalynn Eldredge-McMillan, Eldridge, IA, Marketing, 2016

“ I think that the media is blowing it way out of proportion and making it into a bigger deal than it should be. There are multiple sides to the story, and they are failing to show what really happened. There are other serious hate crimes that we could be focusing on that are happening everywhere, but instead they are turning and twisting stories like this one to make this officer out to be the bad guy.”


Tyler DirschelPOS

– Tyler Dirschel, Davenport, IA, Nursing , 2016

“ I think the situation in Ferguson has been skewed by the media and that it was blown out of proportion before all of the facts were gathered. Race is a hot topic and will get people to read things, but from what I’ve heard, the officer did what he had to do in a situation that calls for self-defense. Regardless of race, no one should threaten a police official. We are too quick to hate on law enforcement and blame them in controversial situation. They seem to become the bad guys in situations where the media can stir up a controversial story.”

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