Fighting Bee Spotlight – Peter Burgmeier

By Mitchell Widmeier

Class: Senior


Hometown: Dubuque, Iowa


Position: Cornerback


Q: If you could do one touchdown celebration and have no repercussions what would you do?


A: If I could dunk on the goal post I would go with that. I’m also a big fan of the Randy Moss


“mooning” incident.


Q: What music do you listen to in the locker room before the game?


A: Whatever keeps me loose. Bust A Move by Young MC usually makes the playlist.


Q: Why do you think football keeps adopting new rules that favor the offense more and more?


A: I think they keep making new rules to try and keep the offensive players safe. Also, nobody


wants to watch a 7-3 game. They want to see teams score.


Q: As a corner you don’t tally up too many sacks….would you rather have 3 sacks in one game


or a pick 6?


A: I would definitely still take the pick 6.


Q: What’s the worst trash talk encounter you’ve ever had?


A: We played Coe College in a JV game where one of my high school friends plays and him and I


had a good time going at it. I don’t think it should be repeated.


Q: 10 years from now Johnny Manziel __________________________________


A: Throws a no hitter for the Padres

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