Blue Flower

By Patrick Connelly and Randy Richards 

pine trees

seek shores

where fish fly


roaming to wait upon

the serene tao touch

illusions fly


fish fly to evergreen whispers

pine tree shores reveal the liquid crystals

to touch the toa splashes split white light


absolute stillness

action seems impossible

coldness in motion


flying fish roam free

pine trees await serenely

the arriving cold


lilacs blossom

moisture saturates

bending boughs


plum tree leaves fall

long rainy seasons await

butterflies on privets


pummeled and pounded  a butterfly touch

rain upon wind on moist lilacs

weary and beat down surprises the blossom


attached to the wind

lilac boughs rain

sorrowful blossoms


boughs bend

attached to drops

that cannot be held


fist full of blue flowers

weathered woman pleads

sun-faced I squint


blue blossom

open eyes and tear heart

release our grasping


squinting allows seeing grasping released

desperate determination the impermanent blues

amidst blue blossoms we look without tears


not the invisible

impermanent blues

tao made manifest


blue blossoms frequent

tram crowds and trgs

averted glances dismiss


desire dogs my steps

midriffs pizza and beer

still illusion’s demands


physical being

bright seductive subjects

stone water sun


courting suffering compassion explosion

wine food flesh crushes stone poems

perpetual play perpetual illusion


grief made manifest

being crushed by a poem

compassion bursts forth


desire disguises danger

masked perpetually as play

attentiveness demanded

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