Welcome week previews rest of year

By Hannah Bates

On the first Thursday night of the new semester, students filled the Beehive to see local improv comedy group Guys in Ties. Laughter filled the room as students participated in just one of the dozens of Welcome Week activities happening at St. Ambrose University.

The busy week included everything from helping the community by participating in Urban Plunge to winning some snacks at Grocery Bingo. However, this year, the seemingly endless stream of activities during Welcome Week will continue into the year.

Welcome Week activities are a way for freshmen to bond with classmates and for upperclassmen to readjust to campus life and catch up with old friends. Students can go bowling the night before classes begin, watch Welcome Week veteran a capella group Six Appeal perform or participate in a Color Run across campus. Most events are located on campus for no cost to students, and off-campus events, such as bowling, have free shuttles available.

Activities during Welcome Week are sometimes sponsored by different SAU on-campus organizations.

SGA sponsored the Trivia Night. Campus Recreation and the SAU Running Club sponsored the Color Run and dance party. CAB and Student Activities were responsible for a large portion of the activities. Making Welcome Week a success is a campus-wide effort.

After Welcome Week, however, the year will continue to be one of the busiest years for students yet, due to an initiative that started last year called Late Night at SAU. The goal is to plan an event for every Friday and Saturday night after 10 p.m., Jason Richter, the director of student activities, said.

“This year, if we get every Friday and Saturday, there will be over 50 events.” Richter said.

Many of the Welcome Week activities were a part of the Late Night at SAU initiative, including Grocery Bingo, Trivia Night, and a screening of a recently released movie. One of the new activities Late Night at SAU is bringing to campus is screenings of movies, like “Neighbors,” that have not been released on DVD, Richter said.

Richter also said many of the Late Night at SAU events will be planned in collaboration with other on-campus organizations. The same efforts that went into planning Welcome Week will continue to work to keep SAU students entertained for the remainder of the year.


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