Campus Rec offers workout options

By Bryan Hennessy & Brianna Bellman

Attention St. Ambrose University: students wishing to improve their overall health, physical well being or just have a little fun can look towards the Kinesiology department and its free group fitness classes. 

There are four intriguing, fun, energetic classes to choose from. Trim & Tone, Core Strengthening, ZUMBA and Yoga are all offered Mon.-Thurs. Classes are free and taught by Ambrose students and open to all fitness levels.

Trim and Tone

Obtain the consistencies of doing a full-body workout. Utilizing toning and strengthening exercises, and through the course of the semester, participants will work on increasing the number of repetitions of each exercise for stronger muscles. 


Zumba is fitness class for all levels that incorporates salsa, merengue, reggaeton, cumbia, and hip-hop. No experience is necessary. Be prepared for high intensity cardio and muscle toning. 


Yoga is a relaxed-pace, class that integrates breath work with various poses for a greater sense-of-balance and direction. No prior yoga experience required. *Please bring your own mat.

Core Express

This 30-minute class will provide you with exercises to help strengthen your core and define your abs. 


High-Intensity Interval Training involves repeated bouts of short duration, high-intensity exercise intervals with periods of lower intensity intervals of active recovery. This class is sure to get your heart pumping and muscles growing.

Ambrose also offers personal trainers who are Ambrose students either certified or studying Kinesiology. As of now there are four males and two females. The program, however, does come with a fee. 

Participants are charged per session; therefore, the more sessions one buys at once the cheaper each session will be. Personal Training is one of the newest additions to campus recreation. Some of the benefits include fitness assessments, improved body composition, motivation and accountability, improved cardiovascular health, muscle strength and endurance, flexibility, balance training, core strength, and stress reduction. The six personal trainers to get in touch with are Alexandra Meeske , Nicholas Helling, Madisson Miller, Joshua Shollenberger, Bradley Szmurlo, and Margaret Switzer.

Leanne Kulchawik, wellness coordinator, really enjoys helping students learn about fitness and wellness. She graduated from Southern Illinois Edwardsville in 2010 with a BA in Exercise and Wellness. She then went on to complete her masters at Northern Illinois University where she studied Exercise and Physiology. 

When asked about fitness Leanne stressed the importance of fitness while you are young. Kulchawik said, “Fitness is a great way for relieving stress, working on overall health, and great for students to build that overall lifestyle while in school, so they continue to do it once they graduate.” She believes students should be physically active at least five days a week. 

Kulchawik also believes the personal trainers on campus are very beneficial. Beginners especially but they can also help someone reach a goal in a lift they may have been struggling with. They can also show students around the gym introducing machine and proper technique. 

For those interested, Group Fitness posters are posted across campus with dates and times. In addition the student activities center has flyers which go more in depth about wellness opportunities. Fitness offers a lot more than just results. So attend group fitness by yourself or with some friends and have a ball.

Keep a look out for upcoming Intermural team sports such as flag football, sand volleyball, 7-on-7 soccer, indoor volleyball, floor hockey, and pre-holiday basketball tournament. All entry forms must be completed on

Please follow @CampusRecSAU and @SAUZumba on Twitter!


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