‘BeeFriend’ an international student

By Lindsey Simon

St. Ambrose is home to over 90 international students from 26 different countries all around the world. And the International Student Services office is helping make them feel more at home through the new BeeFriend program.

The BeeFriend program is made up of two parts: an international student and an American student.The two are paired together based on similar interests after filling out a form from the International Student Services Office, which is located in Ambrose Hall, room 300. 

The purpose of the BeeFriend program is to help make international students feel more welcomed at SAU. The program is also meant to enhance the lives of American students by allowing them to learn all about another culture, and helping them to gain a new outlook on the world.

 Catherine Toohey, the coordinator of the BeeFriend program, is really looking forward to opening up this program to students for the first time.

“I really want the students to make a deeper one-on-one connection, to break down barriers and just to learn more about each other’s culture,” Toohey said. 

 Students involved in the program should plan on meeting with their new friend at least once a month for an hour or two. 

Being over 4,000 miles away from home in a foreign country can be a pretty scary situation. That’s why the BeeFriend program was develeoped, so American sutdents can make the international students feel welcomed here at SAU, and lend a helping hand if they are ever in need. 



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