Step aside, stress: Study tips for midterms

It can be hard to stay focused while studying, but snacking healthy and relieving stress will help. Brianna Bellman/The Buzz.
It can be hard to stay focused while studying, but snacking healthy and relieving stress will help. Brianna Bellman/The Buzz.

By Brianna Bellman

Believe it or not, midterms are just around the corner and soon the stress of studying will ensue. To keep a level head, try some of the tips below:

First Step: Plan Ahead

Time management is one of the hardest things to conquer especially when you are trying to balance school, a job and social life.

You also have other things you would rather do instead of sit in front of a laptop and try to study for that huge test or read a couple books for that dreadful research paper.  This step is extremely difficult when you don’t have any motivation to study. Make lists to avoid future procrastination.

Kyle Menster, an accounting major, likes to manage his time by making sure he knows the due dates for assignments and tests.

“Another thing I like to do is working on larger projects and breaking them up into different sections instead of working on it all at once,” Menster said. “Being able to execute your plans is just as important as organizing your plans.”

Second Step: Stay Focused

Staying focused can become difficult when you have been studying for hours on end and the pages seem to become a little longer. Having the right mindset to begin your study session is only the first step to becoming focused.

Prevent yourself from becoming distracted by shutting off your phone and limiting your social media networks on the computer. While staying focused you also need to take reasonable breaks to retain the information being studied.

Third Step: Make time for yourself – Take Breaks

Have a friend or significant other give you a massage before you start studying. You will feel so calm and focused when your muscles have all relaxed.

Chew mint gum while studying. It will stimulate your brain to keep you alert and awake.

Do physical activity such as Yoga or Zumba with a friend! Laughing and having fun will relieve stress.

Sing and scream out your favorite song! It will relieve some stored up tense emotions that you need to let out.

Listen to background music that won’t be distracting.

Go for a nice walk and watch the clouds in the sky with a friend.

Burn some incense.

Grab a healthy snack to keep beside you while you study. Snacking on sugary foods will make you tired and unsatisfied. Try some crunchy fresh carrots and ranch or a juicy apple.

Drink lots of water! Keep your body hydrated so it can boost your reaction time.

Be organized. Clean your room and you will be amazed how much more productive your night will be.Now close your eyes, take a deep breath. Good luck! You’ll need it.


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