Swarming with spirit

The Swarm shows their SAU spirit by cheering at a basketball game. Submitted/The Buzz.
The Swarm shows their SAU spirit by cheering at a basketball game. Submitted/The Buzz.

School spirit is back at St. Ambrose and it’s not going away anytime soon. A group of freshmen students who just wanted to support a friend had no idea that they would find themselves leading the whole student section.

“The Swarm got it’s rebirth I guess you could say at a women’s JV game when a group of us went to support a friend,” explained freshman Forrest Campbell. “We all had fun and just started inviting more and more friends each game and expanding to the varsity games.”

The Swarm has shown up at every men’s varsity game as well as most of the women’s games since the end of Christmas break. Most of the members were part of high school cheering sections and wanted to be a part of that atmosphere in college and were surprised to find that not many students cheered during the games. What has surprised them the most though is the way The Swarm has taken off like a wildfire.

“It’s pretty crazy to think that a month ago we maybe only took up a few rows but now we take up the whole first section,” said freshman Alexander Volckmann.

Players from Ambrose have been really supportive of the Swarm as well and it shows on the court. Both the men’s and woman’s teams have yet to lose a home game since students have returned from break.

“The Swarm provides a great atmosphere for us at every game and really brings a lot of energy to every game,” said senior basketball player Matt Gossett. “They are a great advantage to have for home games and they make Lee Lohman a tough place to play.”

With numbers rising it hasn’t been only students who have taken noticed. Faculty and staff have at St. Ambrose as well as other clubs want to jump in on The Swarm’s success. Sports Society. another new club at St. Ambrose. have really taken The Swarm under its wing.  Sports Society is led by senior Otto Linderman and other upperclassmen,

“Sports Society has really helped us in ways we couldn’t have imagined,” said Campbell. “There a great group of guys who have been around for awhile and us being freshmen really needed their guidance. They have a lot of campus support and have really helped us with a lot of funding as well.”

Even with the Swarm being ran by a group of freshmen and based of off social media sites like the SAU Swarm on Facebook or @SAUSwarm on twitter, organization has been key.

“With games being on Wednesday nights word has to be put out early since a lot of students have a lot of other commitments,” said Kody Kilburg.

This sort of organization has caught the eye of head men’s coach and athletic director Ray Shovlain.

“It’s been impressive the way they have been able to get students in the stands,” said Shovlain. “A lot of students at Ambrose our involved in sports of their own, clubs, and academics buts still take the time to come cheer. They’ve provided a huge spark from the atmosphere aspect and the guys love it.”

With conference tourney play coming up the Swarm hopes to have even more students participate to help the Queen Bees and Fighting bees bring home the title.  Game dress up themes will be posted on Facebook as well as Twitter and all are encouraged to come dress up and have a little fun supporting the Bees.


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