Students search for next year’s roommates

The contracts are mandated by residence life staff to ensure residents will be happy with their selected roommates. Emma Williams/The Buzz.
The contracts are mandated by residence life staff to ensure residents will be happy with their selected roommates. Emma Williams/The Buzz.

Nearly all on-campus students have had the privilege of filling out the infamous roommate contracts at the beginning of each school year. Some students might say there is no better way to start the semester than sitting down and answering questions together such as:

“Are the lights kept on or turned off during sleep time?”

“What is the air conditioner set to? Are windows lefts open or closed?”

And, everyone’s favorite questions:

“Is physical intimacy allowed when your roommate is present? What does physical intimacy entail for you?”

Many students argue the best thing about college is what happens outside of the classrooms. The best memories are made at campus programs, mingling in the cafeteria, and spending too many late nights with a roommate. Having a good roommate can make or break a college experience.

A study published last year involving more than 1,200 students at several universities, including Michigan State and Rice, found roommate conflicts one of the top five reasons freshmen withdraw from school.

“There is no secret formula,” Andrea Rivera, Rohlman Assistant Hall Director said, “You just have to choose a person you can get along with. Sometimes choosing a good friend works, sometimes it ends horribly.”

Students start to feel a lot of stress during the middle of the second semester with the upcoming housing forum. Especially upperclassmen creating groups of multiple students to fill a housing option, sometimes finding the right people is easier said than done.

Residence life is taking extra steps to allow students to get in touch with other students looking for roommates. Students can be connected through the residence life webpage, the designated Facebook page, and also a roommate social that will be held on Thursday, Feb. 27.

“It is important to have an idea of what you’re getting into,” Rivera said. “Prepare yourself. Start thinking about things that could potentially bother you and start addressing them before it’s time to move in.”

Students who do not have a plan for housing next year should not be discouraged. The residence life staff is willing to help students search for a compatible roommate.

The roommate socials and forums are open to all students. Whether students are alone and looking for several other students or if it’s a group of seven looking for a final roommate to fill a townhouse, the social media tools Residence Life is providing will take away some of the mystery of the “random roommate.”

The roommate social will be on Thursday, Feb. 27 from 6:30p.m. to 7:30p.m. in the BeeHive. Icebreakers, video games, board games, and snacks will be provided. Students are also encouraged to visit the Residence Life website, selecting the “For Returning Students” tab under Housing Options for a list of students needing roommates. Also like the Facebook page, SAU Roommates.

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