Tuition rising for 2014-15 school year

By Chris Scudder – Staff Writer

St. Ambrose will be adding a three percent increase in tuition costs next year, along with another three percent for room and board. The board of trustees approved this increase in a meeting Friday, January 17th. These increases are among the smallest St. Ambrose has experienced over the past decade, and this is the second year in a row that SAU has kept the tuition increase to three percent.

That is nearly 1.6 percent less than the average tuition increase over the previous five years. The room and board rate increase is the smallest it has been in recent times. Sister Joan Lescinski, the president of St Ambrose, says “We remain committed to strengthening the quality of our academic and co-curricular programs through initiatives that promote learning in and out of the classroom,”

In the coming years Sister Joan and SAU are looking toward the future and are hoping to accomplish a lot. Older classrooms will be renovated and upgraded with better technology.  Lewis Hall will have changes made to its anatomy and physiology labs, making them bigger, added new technology and upgrading the ventilation systems. An addition is being added to the Health Services Education Center to house the Physician Assistant program. Also Ambrose Hall will get more work done in the Beehive as well as the exterior.

The building will be made more energy efficient and sustainable to prepare the historic landmark for years to come. With all the new projects in motion students and staff can see the benefits that will come out of it.  Not everyone will feel the same way, but this decision was made to make St. Ambrose a better place.  What’s on most students minds is the money. Ambrose students who have been Ambrosians for over three to four years understand the stress that comes along with raising tuition costs.

“I’m just slightly put off by the whole thing. I mean I can see that this will benefit the school but how long will it take to finish these project?” Dan Malone said. Malone, who spends a lot of his time in the health services building, understands the need for new technology and renovating or expanding already existing buildings.

“It would be nice to see the benefits right away. When you first come to St. Ambrose there is a certain amount of money they ask you to pay. But by the end of your time here it seems like the money we pay has gained interest while we went through each year,” Malone said.

Year after year costs go up and students need to pay more money to attend. And with even more students coming to St. Ambrose every year these increases in tuition are still needed by the university.

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