The student, the budget and the wardrobe

By Alexandra Fulton – Features Editor

I’m sure many of you can relate when I say shopping is my weakness. Better yet, going to the mall is my weakness. I don’t need to go for anything in particular, I honestly just like to walk around, window shop, and get a few outfit ideas using clothes already hanging in my closet. Believe it or not, even at our rinky-dink North Park Mall there are a handful of golden stores chuck-full of ideas to create fun, new outfits. (Side note: I’m still bitter they closed the Gap. Really bitter.)

While using pieces already hanging in your closet is the obvious money-saver, there are times when you need to treat yourself to something new. I’m a strong believer that rather than buying a shirt that you might only get the chance to wear a couple times, you should invest in pieces that you can wear multiple times. For me, these pieces are usually from the sale rack, but they are always things I love that will develop my wardrobe now and for life post-grad.

My top three (to buy while on sale) investment pieces are shoes, jackets and jewelry.

My personal favorite spot to buy shoes, which is probably the same as 95 percent of females on campus, is the Von Maur shoe room. If they’d let me, I would bring a sleeping bag and move in permanently, so I could be the first to get my hands on all the new markdowns, of course. But, as much as I want to pounce when I see my favorite shoes move into the shoe room, I must remember, patience is a virtue. The longer you wait to make your move the price goes down, although buyer beware, because this isn’t guaranteed. There is always the chance that a fellow shoe lover might beat you to the punch.

Von Maur has an awesome juniors section, but if you venture to the next section over you will find a ton of Free People, Sanctuary, and Willow & Clay clothing mark downed on the sale racks. Those aren’t brands you would see on sale at many other stores, so it’s a major plus of shopping at Von Maur.

Lastly, I’m a big fan of purchasing jewelry. It’s usually not an expensive purchase, but good jewelry can last you forever and add something to an otherwise plain outfit. There are plenty of stores in the mall, like Charlotte Russe and Younkers that have really inexpensive jewelry. If you are looking for more unique pieces they are a few cool places in the Village of East Davenport and coming soon to the North Park Mall, Francesca’s.

So, next time you guys are at the mall, check out the sale racks and buy a few investments pieces that will last you for years to come. Style on, SAU.

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