Spine-taneous taps into artists’ creative side

By Molly Conrad – Staff Writer

spine-taneous logo

Spine-taneous has been quite the spontaneous project. It started about a month ago and may continue for who knows how long. This began as an initiative to  inspire independent artists and chiropractors to collaborate. Our prompt was to create a piece of any sort, exploring the spine. No guidelines, no rules, no nothin’.

I was put into a group with a visual artist, Emma Harmon and a pediatric chiropractor, Amber Bollman. We decided that our project would be to make a children’s book. With Amber’s clinical knowledge, Emma’s illustrations, and my rhyme scheme, we are creating our first children’s book. “Super Spines” is a play on words that reveals itself at the end of the story.

I’m also writing music for a CD sleeve in the back of the book. The songs I wrote can mean more to children than just the impact of chiropractic care. “I feel super fine, with my super spine.” Taking care of yourself is important, and so is owning what you have.

At the Spine-taneous Exhibition Celebration on Saturday, Feb. 1, I was able to see all of the other collaborators’ works. It’s fascinating how unique each artist’s voice is. There are endless ways we are able to depict one concept.

At the exhibition, I performed original songs, some incorporating the spine, others not. It was a unique experience, and I’m excited to continue this Spine-taneous adventure!

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