SAU offering personal training program

By Jordan Bell – Staff Writer

St. Ambrose University campus recreation center is proud to announce a new program to the campus. The newly started personal training program was made with students and staff in mind. The program is perfect for students and staff that have very little time to hit the gym, or the shy individual who just needs a little motivation to get in their ideal shape.

Using Lee Lohman’s weight lifting facilities or personal training at times where the weight room is less busy. Five different student trainers with flexible schedules to fit any desired time by an SAU family member wanting to get their body ready for spring break. The program has multiple workouts and methods on how to help cut back on a few unwanted pounds.

“Its trial by error,” campus recreation wellness coordinator Leanne Kulchawik said.

She and her team have done local research on other weight rooms and training facilities to compare other programs. As the SAU training program grows the school plans to hire additional student workers.

Kulchawik wants the campus to know that there is a cost for the program. The cost for the program starts at $10 and going as high as $315 depending on how many sessions are paid for. The cost can be split between a group of individuals that would like to get in shape together.

The cost of the sessions goes to paying the student workers who will be conducting the program. The students can use the work experience to put on their resume for when they enter the work force.

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