POS: Person on the Street

By Kelly Steiner – Managing and Online Editor


What sport are you looking forward to watching in the Winter Olympics and why?


Jordan Light.
Jordan Light.

“Hockey because it one of my favorite sports and the US team has a really good shot at gold!”

Jordan Light – Senior – Political Science – Peoria, IL


Libby Ellerby
Libby Ellerby.

“Ski jumping. It’s just so crazy, and different from any other event.”

Libby Ellerby – Exercise Science – Sandwich, IL


Brendan Sugrue.
Brendan Sugrue.

“I’m looking forward to curling. It’s a relaxing sport to watch and for some reason I really get into it during the Olympics.”

Brendan Sugrue (left) – Senior – Marketing – Crystal Lake, IL


Lauren Portz.
Lauren Portz.

“I am looking forward to seeing Shaun White snowboard because of his past accomplishments in the Olympics.”

Lauren Portz – Junior – Journalism and Radio/TV Production – Davenport, IA


Fabiola Orozco.
Fabiola Orozco.

“I love watching the figure skaters! They are just so mesmerizing to watch with the remarkably stunning and complex performances. I just have so much respect for them, it looks too easy, but there is no way anyone, especially definitely not me, could do that without the dedication and discipline those tiny yet fierce graceful skaters perform.”

Fabiola Orozco – Senior – Journalism and English – Davenport, IA

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