Bee love and basketball

By Emilee Renwick – News Editor

Blondell and Cash have played basketball for SAU.
Blondell and Cash have played basketball for SAU.

Textbooks: $300. Starbucks: $5.00. Planning a wedding while studying, in between basketball practice and graduation in May: stressful. Lauren Cash, the bride, is taking it all in stride.

“I have two older sisters,” the senior marketing major said. “So my parents are pros by now. It hasn’t gotten too crazy yet.”

This Ambrose love story started in open gym one day. Cash and her fiancé Justin Blondell ’13, were both playing for the basketball teams when they ran into each other in Lee Lohman in 2011. They started talking shortly after, but Cash says she had her suspicious on the first date.

“The first time we hung out we watched Love and Basketball by “accident” he says,” Cash jokes. “But yes basketball was definitely a starting point for us.”

Fast forward to a family trip to Disney World where Disney lived up to its name of the most magical place on earth. Her family was gathered for the grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary when her sister got engaged during the parade. Blondell then surprised her and proposed after the fireworks.

“I was so shocked to see him there,” Cash said. “The deal in my family is that unless you’re engaged, no boyfriends or girlfriends could come [on family vacation]. So I guess that was his way of getting there,” Cash jokes.

The upcoming nuptials have used Pinterest and a host of other weddings the couple has attended as inspiration for the big day. Some of the planning even happens on the way to a basketball game where the 5’7 guard finds it easy to compartmentalize.

“It’s basketball. You’ve known it for your whole life,” she said. “You just go out and play. You can’t think about it.”

The women’s basketball team is 15-5 overall, but 5-0 in conference right now with their latest overtime win against Clarke College.

Between classes, jump shots and job searches, Cash is one busy bee but stays very calm about it all.

“Up until then [Aug. 30], you kind of just have to go with the flow,” Cash said. “My parents planned my oldest sister’s wedding in three months, so I’m not too worried.”

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