SOLD OUT: white t-shirts and landing gear

October 15, 8:43 a.m. all St. Ambrose students receive an email with the subject line reading “HEY LOOK!” Attached in the message were pieces of clip art: a t-shirt and a parachute, images that were printed on plain 8.5×11” papers and taped across campus. The rumor was Sister Joan was going to be skydiving over campus.

Not even 12 hours later, at 6:35 p.m., all students received another email. This time, the subject read, BIG BAND TO CAMPUS. The word was out, the famed American pop bands Plain White T’s and Parachute are coming to campus on November 17.

October 16, 8:00 a.m. Tickets go on sale, free to any student with an ID.

About 4 hours later, right around noon, SOLD OUT.

“When I heard, all I could do was laugh,” Campus Activities Board (CAB) Night Life Chair, Lindsey Gibney, said. “I was actually in disbelief.”

Theoretically, tickets went on sale to students initially, free of charge. Each student was allowed to receive a single ticket. The following Tuesday, CAB was planning to open the tickets up to the public for $15.

“There was a bit of miscommunication and some students were given more than one ticket,” Gibney said. “I am so thrilled students are so excited about this concert, but there is some good and bad to tickets going so quickly.”

CAB works diligently through the year organizing a variety of events satisfying demands and suggestions from students. Bringing a big name band has been in the works since Time Flies was on campus in the fall of 2011. CAB is now trying to accommodate those students who were not able to receive tickets as a part of the group’s mission is to serve the whole student body.

“We tried to get more tickets but the capacity is 800,” Gibney said. “We are working with the fire marshall to see if there can be any exceptions. We will keep students as up-to-date as possible, but as of right now we have to stick with the 800.”

The concert is planned to take place in the ballroom on the third floor of the Rogalski Center.

CAB discussed changing the venue completely, but taking the concert off campus would not be within the approved budget.

But, regardless of the stress, Gibney remains enthusiastic.

“I am absolutely ecstatic. It is awesome to see so much of the student population come together for this one event,” Gibney said. “I can’t wait for the day of and to witness all of the energy and excitement at the show.”

After administering surveys in the cafeteria last semester, CAB knew bringing a big-name band was what the students wanted. Since attending National Association for Campus Activities (NACA), band managers have been emailing Gibney on a regular basis with different possibilities. She received an email about a package including Plain White T’s, Parachute, and Tommy and the High Pilots.

“It was within our budget,” Gibney said. “So I decided to go for it to see if they would accept our offer.”

CAB heard back from the agents at the beginning of October and kept the concert a secret for about two weeks as they planned logistics.

Plain White T’s is an American pop punk band that originated in Chicago. They are most well known for their hit, “Hey There Delilah,” which received a Grammy nomination for song of the year in 2008. The group released a new album earlier in October.

Parachute is an American pop band from Virginia. The band has released three major albums and just completed a 2013 summer tour across the nation. The group is most well-known for their top songs “She Is Love” and “Kiss Me Slowly.”

The bands will perform Sunday, November 17 at 7:00 p.m. in the Rogalski Center Ballroom.

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