Pin now…do later: Bringing Pinterest to reality

This Pinterest tutorial shows how easy it is to re-use old wine bottles. Submitted/Pinterest.
This Pinterest tutorial shows how easy it is to re-use old wine bottles. Submitted/Pinterest.

Candy Corn Wine Bottles

The trees have finally changed colors, the leaves that have fallen crunch as every student goes out of their way to walk on them, and the indoor decorations turn from bright blues and greens to oranges, yellows and reds. Yes, break out the warm apple cider because fall is finally here. That means it is time to decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving and Pinterest has supplied us with many options for easily bringing a little holiday spirit into our dorms and houses. Candy corn is a staple for fall, and this project is a great way to add a fall touch to your home decor.


3 Empty Wine Bottles

Spray paint (white, orange and yellow)


Take off all labels to allow for a smooth surface. If there is any residue left from the label, rub a paper towel with canola oil on the sticky part to get it off. Spray the top one-third of the bottle with white paint. Allow that to dry, then spray the middle third of the bottle orange. After that color dries, spray the remaining third yellow and allow it to dry. You may need to paint additional layers depending on how dark you want the colors. Once all of the bottles are completed, you can use them as decorations anywhere in your home or room.

Candy corn themes work from the beginning of October through the end of November with Thanksgiving. This decoration pays for itself when you think about how long you will get to use it and rearrange it. Whether you crave candy corn every fall or prefer pumpkin everything, these wine bottles serve as a great fall decoration to sweeten up any room.


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