Person on the street: What are your thoughts on all of the school shootings?

Compiled by Darci Fosdyck

What are your thoughts on all of the school shootings?

POS Rachael Pribulsky

“It’s astounding how much more it is happening nowadays, but you don’t really have your eyes opened until it affects you. When all of my friends were in a high school where there was a shooting, it really just gave a reality check of what was happening now. I feel very in-tune with it, which is why I am a forensic psychology major now, because that was a very big thing in our little town.”

Rachael Pribulsky – Sophomore –

Forensic Psychology/Theatre


POS Catherine Bettag

“I think that the school shootings are very horrible, but over-publicized. We focus too much on the shooter and not enough on the victims.”

Catherine Bettag – Freshman – English Education


POS Andrew Pham

“I understand that people in higher places are trying to prevent them. As important as it is, I just think that it needs to be combatted. We just need to be more aware and careful and to be aware of our surroundings.”

Andrew Pham – Sophomore – Mechanical Engineer


POS Andrea Bogoljubskij

“Shootings in schools have been increasing a lot, and we don’t realize how bad it is until it is near us. We need to be aware of what is going on. It can happen anywhere at any time, so we just need to make sure where we go is a safe place.”

Andrea Bogoljubskij – Sophomore –

International Business/Management


POS Sarah Dickes

“I think it is a tragedy that there are so many school shootings and people have to be scared that something like that is going to happen.”

Sarah Dickes – Freshman – Exercise Science


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