Think before you tweet

With the rise of popularity of social media, people need to be more aware of what they are putting out there for everyone to see. This couldn’t be more clear after seeing some tweets during this year’s World Series action.

The St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox each battled for their third World Series title in the past ten years.

The teams also have a history. In 2004, they squared off in the World Series where the Red Sox swept the Cardinals in four games. With all this history, it’s understandable that these teams and their fans demand success and don’t like each other.

However, it seems like some Cardinals fans took things too far during the early games of this year’s Fall Classic.

During the World Series action, Cardinals fans crossed a line that should not be crossed. Red Sox fans often ended their tweets about the Red Sox with the hashtag “BostonStrong.” Instead of Cardinals fans respecting this, many of them decided to answer back. At the end of their tweets, many Cardinals fans used the hashtags “StLouisStrong” and “BostonWeak.”

Ever since the bombing in the Boston Marathon took place, the city of Boston has adopted the motto “Boston Strong.” This motto has been used by the city since then. Like so many situations before, the sports teams in Boston were used by the city to give them hope. Their use of this slogan should not be judged and should not be tarnished by anyone, especially United States citizens.

The use of the hashtags by St. Louis fans is completely unacceptable, especially since many Cardinals fans are Americans. I don’t understand why it was necessary to take shots at Boston in this way.

Not only were those people taking shots at the baseball team in Boston, they were taking shots at the city itself. While I don’t think the St. Louis fans were using these hashtags to directly take shots at their situation, they still need to be more sensitive.

They had to be aware of what Boston Strong really meant, so it would have been in their best interests to avoid using these hashtags while on Twitter.

Now I don’t want to give all Cardinals fans a bad name. I know many who are rational and I consider good friends of mine. However, as the saying goes, one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel. I realize that all fanbases have their bad apples, but attacking the city that was victimized about half-a-year ago is unacceptable. You can cheer for your team without taking cheap shots at the other fanbase.

I have heard Cardinals fans call themselves the best fans in baseball so many times I’ve lost count. If this is true, some of their fans need to start acting like it.

My advice for Cardinals fans, and everyone else, is simple: think about what you want to tweet out before you press send. You can cheer for your team. You can even cheer against the Red Sox. Just be respectful of the city of Boston and everything they, as well as this country, have been through.


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