SAU football pushing for postseason

The Buzz/Shelby Steger.
The Buzz/Shelby Steger.

As the football season progresses, the St. Ambrose Fighting Bees show no sign of slowing down after a great start. After a loss to St. Francis University, the Bees got back on the winning track. The Bees won four in a row before dropping a game to Grand View. They are ranked 13th in the country.

“Being ranked is a good feeling. It feels great to be recognized, but we don’t let that get to us,” wide receiver Brad Connor said. “We know that we need to move forward and do better things ahead.”

Being ranked is a big step forward for the team. Connor says it helps them as they move forward because they have to go into every game with intensity. They accept their rank and will take a step forward in every game.

After winning the conference title last year, they have great plans regarding the national title, but first, they know the battle for conference champions is the first step.

“This team has aspirations of a national title but the conference title comes first,” quarterback Eric Williamson said. “We plan on getting it.”

The team knows that being together as a family is another great way to keep them on a successful path. They stay together as a team and help support each other to move forward to their goal.

“We are a close group,” Williamson said. “We stay together and fight for each other. We are working together and the team bonding is great. Being a family is a huge factor, and it shows and helps us a lot when we get on the field.”

They have not had many obstacles this season, except that they have lost some players due to injuries.

They won’t have their running back Joey Zito for next three to four weeks due to his knee infection. They also lost defensive lineman Steve Laski for the whole season after an ACL injury.

“Players facing injuries is the only big obstacle right now with the team,” Connor said. “People have had to be switched to different positions to balance everything on the field.”

SAU has only one more home game this year. It’s the first Saturday in November.

“Just come out and support if you can,” Connor urged. “The more support we have, it helps us in a major way because it’s always good to feed from the crowd.”


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