Person on the Street: What did you think of the government shutdown?

POS Matt Lee

“I think it was a big mistake because Republicans made the wrong decision by not accepting Obamacare. Another factor is that the U.S. economy could’ve gone back into the recession.”

-Matt Lee – Senior – Marketing/Communication – Buffalo Grove, Ill.


POS Rachel Bacon

“I think it shouldn’t have happened. We’re supposed to be an example of an ideal government for the rest of the world, so why couldn’t we come together?”

-Rachel Bacon – Senior – Early Childhood Education – Downer’s Grove, Ill.


POS Mitch Widmeier

“It’s pretty sad the people who are supposed to be representing our country can’t sit down and hash things out.”

-Mitch Widmeier – Junior – Radio/TV – Dubuque, Iowa


POS Pablo Osornio

“I’m indifferent about it. It hasn’t affected me.”

-Pablo Osornio – Freshman – Secondary Education – Chicago, Ill.


Molly Conrad

“Ever since the shutdown, I haven’t really felt a change, but it does not mean it’s not a problem.”

-Molly Conrad – Senior – Theater and Public Relations – Bettendorf, Iowa


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