POS: Person on the Street

What do you think about online dating? Is it becoming more common? Would you ever recommend it? Is it safe?

Compiled by Emily VanDeWoestyne



Jackie Runkle pos

“It’s definitely more common, just because of technology and the advances with that. When you think about it, 30 years ago, it didn’t exist. I had a friend whose aunt met someone online. They’ve been married eight years and have at least one daughter. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it. But if someone wanted to do it I wouldn’t judge them, I wouldn’t oppose it. Honestly, [it’s a] personal preference. If they haven’t had any luck, why not try it.”

Jackie Runkle – Senior – Psychology – Forreston, IL



pos Paige Watkins

“I honestly think people would be shocked at how many people date online. I know at least three people who do it. I think it’s a personal choice. I wouldn’t tell anyone not to do it. I think it is safe enough if you’re an adult. You shouldn’t be there if you are under 18.”

Paige Watkins – Senior – Elementary Education – Waukon, IA




Amelia Hirst

“I don’t know of anyone who does online dating. I don’t really agree with it. I think it’s kind of impersonal. You can portray yourself a certain way online and then in person you’re completely different. It can also be isolating, because then you’re in love with something that maybe is like a figment. I would say, ‘caution: not really safe.’ You just don’t know who people are. It could be anyone. A picture, you could get that offline.”

Amelia Hirst – Junior – Nursing – Davenport, IA




Ben Whittle pos

“I think it could work, but face-to-face meeting with someone is a better way. There are a couple funny websites out there, like ChristianMingle.com and AmishMeet.com. The Internet is pretty awesome and a lot of people use it. If it was one of my friends, I would tell him to meet someone on League of Legends because that’s his big thing, and it will work out perfectly. That’s not an online dating website but it’s an online website.

It’s not always safe. There’s lots of times where people lie about their age, like, “Yeah, I’m 23,” but they’re actually 38.”

Ben Whittle – Junior – English Education – Galesburg, IL




Ben George pos

“I think it could do more harm than good, just because it could get someone’s hopes up. Obviously, a lot of people have seen the show “Catfish” where someone pretends to be someone else and then it turns out it was just a bunch of lies. A person can be really deceiving online. I feel like it is [common] just because of all the social media, so now direct conversation is more limited. So people just resort to that and try to go through Facebook, Twitter or even the online dating sites. I would recommend direct conversation first, and then if they’re too shy then maybe try online dating and see if that works better.”

Ben George – Sophomore – Exercise Science – Dubuque, IA

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