Fighting Bee Spotlight: Maggie Dwyer, Cross Country and Track

Maggie Dwyer
Maggie Dwyer

Walking around campus there is a select group of people who get to wear the prestigious Intramural Champion t-shirts. Junior Maggie Dwyer is one of them, as she shows off her softball championship shirt. Her place among these champions, however, is not her most athletic accomplishment. Dwyer is part of the girls track and cross country teams who won conference championships in cross country, indoor and outdoor track earning them the Triple Crown this past year.

Dwyer runs for both teams. While she is currently in cross country season, she specializes in running 800s. She also brings the team some points from high jumping.When it comes to strategy, Dwyer can’t give away her secrets, but there are a few factors that will equal success for her on the course and track.

All it takes for her to have a good run are a couple of key ingredients: a little bit of superstition and a perfect mix of music on her warm-up playlist. Before even thinking of lacing up her spikes, Dwyer has to match her sports bra color to her headband color. Then she has to listen to “Roar” by Katy Perry, “Wake Me Up” by Avicii, “Can’t Believe It” by Flo Rida, and “Lose My Mind” by Timeflies.”

“They’re all on there to get me jacked up,” Dwyer said.

Once the headphones come out she gets into the zone for her run. The gun goes off and she works her way into a good position. Then she only thinks of one thing while running.

“Try not to die,” Dwyer said about what is going through her head on the course.

In the rare occasion that she is not running, this Evergreen Park, Ill. native is getting caught up on homework. Double majoring in Marketing and Management, Dwyer hopes to one day have a career in advertising or graphic design.

“My favorite class this semester would have to be Graphic Design,” Dwyer said. “It’s fun and it’s something that I might want to do in the future as a career.”

Whether she is celebrating academic achievement or a well-ran meet, she can be found at the Filling Station. Dwyer patronizes the local Davenport restaurant because of their city-famous hamburgers. After trying a handful of their different burgers, Dwyer set a goal for herself.

“My ultimate goal would be to finish the Big Azz Burger, but one can only dream,” Dwyer said.

After she has refueled at the Filling Station, it is back to running. This year Dwyer has high expectations of what the team can do.

“This is the best team we’ve had so far, and I’m really looking forward to see how well we’ll do at Conference,” she said.

The Queen Bees run for the conference title on November 9. The meet will be held in Cedar Rapids, Iowa at Jones Park.

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