EA Sports? How about SAU E-Sports

Video game lovers now have a new way to unite at St. Ambrose. It’s a new club called SAU E-Sports.

Having started early this year, SAU E-Sports is a club focusing on electronic games. These range from the console games like Call of Duty or Mario Kart, to the online games like League of Legends or Smite. Members gather together to play in person, rather than simply through an online server.

Vandrae Fox, the hall director of Tiedemman, Hayes, and the townhouses, started this club simply for the game League of Legends.

“It first started as an LoL [League of Legends] club,” Fox said, but he eventually “thought to encompass more games. Smite, Warcraft, Starcracft; any game, console or PC, that people want to play.”

Though the group has started this year, it is still going through the process of becoming official like the other SAU clubs. Fox already has help from other members of the club, like Micheal Durbin, to help keep the club going even after his last semester on campus.

“Micheal Durbin will be an adviser next year,” Fox said. “Otherwise, we’ll be looking for another to fill the role.”

Even though it’s not official yet, SAU E-Sports is already trying to help the community. Fox is helping to get the group a part in the SAU Dance Marathon Event. For every hour of play, whether it be on a game console or PC, members will donate money to the Dance Marathon.

“We’re still trying to find a proper time to meet,” Fox said, “It’s hard when everyone has different available hours.”

SAU E-Sports has been doing its best to make itself relevant to the students of the university. While not officially recognized as a club yet, they still meet to enjoy playing video games whenever they can.

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