Dance Marathon dancing on

The fundraising goal for this year's Dance Marathon is $60,000. The Buzz/Submitted.
The fundraising goal for this year’s Dance Marathon is $60,000. The Buzz/Submitted.

DM02 sounds like a great Halloween costume from Star Wars, but it’s what SAU’s Dance Marathon is being called for its second year on campus.

“People are already gung ho for this year,” assistant executive director, Averi Wilson said.

With only a couple months into the school year, DM02 already has over 200 dancers signed up for the April 5 event, and recently held a moral captains retreat.

“The morale captain retreat was our first get together of all the morale captains,” morale director Mary Scheck said. “We got to know each other, played games and covered lots of info on what it means to be a morale captain! To say there is lots of energy on the morale committee is an understatement.”

Their recent run in the QC Marathon was a success, as 68 Bees ran for Miracle Miles. Wilson said a playlist for the 26.2 was put together with the influence of the miracle families and children.

“At first I thought it might be hard to keep going when a Barney song came on, but when it did it was awesome and made me run even harder,” Wilson said. “It almost brought me to tears.”

Matching neon orange shirts and the ultra-fabulous fanny pack are not the only items the Marathoners have in common. Their goals are a big part of what brings the organization together in a family-like atmosphere.

“We’re trying to spread the word more and gain those big community sponsors,” SAU Dance Marathon executive director, Amanda McClure said. “Branch out into the community, focus on fundraising, retain all those dancers, and try to keep alumni and current students involved.”

An FTK, or For the Kids, week takes place from Nov. 17 to the 21 for a big fundraising push as well as events leading up until the big night. Their fundraising goal for this year’s Marathon is $60,000 with a goal of 500 dancers.

“We’re really looking to have our dancers engaged with DM all year long and to get our dancers opportunities to meet and hang out with their morale team’s miracle family before the big event,” Scheck said.


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