Beeswax: Ryan Saddler, Director of Diversity and Director of Student Disabilities Services

Saddler started his job as director of diversity on July 1, 2013. Beck Leke/The Buzz.
Saddler started his job as director of diversity on July 1, 2013. Beck Leke/The Buzz.

St. Ambrose University is getting bigger every day when it comes to diversity on campus. They showed that recently by hiring an ordained Pentecostal Minister, Ryan Saddler. After working on the Ambrose campus for 18 years, he started the job as the director of diversity on July 1, 2013. Saddler also works as the director of student disabilities services.

Saddler says the students need to know about diversity as they are growing into the world. He says there is a lot going on right now as he is still working with students disabilities services.

He says there are many students on campus who need him with his work. Saddler talked about the people with minor disabilities, different ethnicities and certain populations, and those are the things and people he will be looking forward to working with because he is here to help make things better.

“My goals for this year are to look, listen and learn,” Saddler said.

He says he has been doing surveys with students to see what needs to be done, and he is waiting for the results to start accomplishing the tasks that need addressing. He has been talking to the committee and they all seem very excited about the new job. He says he can’t wait to start working with them.

Saddler says he plans on listening to people on campus, assessing that and putting it toward figuring out how the institution needs to move forward with diversity. He also plans on getting involved with the community and some outreach programs and hopes that things go as he has planned.

“One of the biggest goals that we have for the survey is to figure out where to go and then we move forward,” Saddler said. “But the hard part is to say yes or no and what to say yes or no to.”

Saddler says he has not had any major obstacles yet because he has not challenged anybody, but he says with his line of work he anticipates obstacles in the future. That is when he comes in with his position to take it to the administration and get things done.

“I am here to listen. If anything involves diversity, anything, not just cultural, and if anybody has something to share and something to contribute, please do,” Saddler said. “I’m all ears and I will listen and see how we proceed from there. I am here to help make things the way it needs to be.”

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