The student, the budget and the wardrobe

My favorite past time is shopping. I suppose that statement is redundant, because it’s also my favorite, and possibly my only, hobby. I was probably the only kid who could spend an entire day at a home improvement or department store and actually have a good time. Now, you don’t even have to ask if I want to go shopping. My friends know that if you mention the mall you better assume that I will be tagging along. This is the case with everyone, and I could pretty much have fun shopping for anything or anyone. Of all the sales and stores I’ve frequented I can honestly say that shopping with my dad and brothers is my favorite. Maybe it’s because when you go shopping with women they know what they are looking for. Men on the other hand usually tend to roam aimlessly around the mall not knowing exactly what they are looking for. This is where I come in.


Not to toot my own horn, but in my opinion, sharp dressers run in the Fulton family. My dad and brothers have some of the best style around, maybe because it’s easier for them to wear what I suggest than to fight over a shirt and tie combination.


Luckily for them, I enjoy coordinating their outfits and even if they don’t always say it, they love not having to worry about what they’re going to wear. This is especially true for my dad who values my opinion greatly. I thought this was only the case for the men in my family, but then the miraculous happened. While on campus I have never had a peer or a female faculty member ask me my opinion on fashion. But, I have received a few questions from a few brave men. These questions ranged from cutoffs to facial hair and even to Hawaiian shirts. I had to dig deep for some of these, but others seemed obvious.


*Please note that these answers are my opinion. These views are not affiliated with St. Ambrose, your girlfriend or better yet, your mom.


Tyler Gannon, Joliet, IL

Style: comfortably athletic

Who usually picks out/buys your clothes?

Twice a year my mom drags me to the mall, so I would say we collaborate.

I tend to pick flashier pieces.


What are the dos and don’ts of facial hair? Most women have pretty strong opinions on facial hair. They either love it or hate it and there’s no in between. Personally. I don’t mind it. But, if you have a beard or a mustache you have to keep it well groomed. If you can look in the mirror and compare yourself to a cave man, lumberjack or Dumbledore, you might have a problem. Your goal should be Ben Affleck at the 2011 Oscars. Now that’s a beard. When it comes to maintaining your beard stick with the obvious, keep it well groomed and use shampoo.


Is it OK to wear white [shorts] after Labor Day? White after Labor Day is one of those rules that no longer exist. What that means it, yes it is OK to wear white after Labor Day. If you are wearing white shorts or pants, make sure that the outfit somehow agrees with the season. If it’s snowing out and you are wearing white pants, boat shoes and a Hawaiian shirt you might have a problem.


Frank Price, Mt. Sterling, IL

Style: country casual

Who usually picks out/buys your clothes? My mom


In what variations is camouflage acceptable? If you are hunting, fishing or camping wear as much as you want. On a daily basis, don’t. You don’t want to be the floating head walking around campus, because you are wearing all camo and you blend in with your surroundings. Camo shorts and hats are neutral, so those are pretty versatile pieces if that’s a must-have in your daily wardrobe.


Gentlemen, keep these is mind as you prep for a Saturday night out. What you might find acceptable attire in the comfort of your own home might not be acceptable in public. Style on, men of SAU.

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