Spamalot on stage

Production is already underway in the Galvin Fine Arts Building for the upcoming fall musical “Monty Python’s Spamalot.” This major musical based off of the movie ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’ is turning into one of the biggest shows that the St Ambrose theatre department has ever put together. Utilizing so many different set pieces, costumes, and actors, it is definitely living up to that boast.

The construction for the stage show is already proving to be a daunting task. Kristofer Eitrheim, the set designer for the play, has already run down a list of different features for the performance.

“There is going to be four to five backdrops in the show,” Eitrheim said. “We’re having two castles flown in [from above the stage] and three castles coming from the side. There will be boats, chandeliers…its going to get very crowded backstage.”

Sure enough, a lot of work is going to be put on the stage alone, but it is all necessary to keep up with the format for ‘Spamalot.’

“It is a very silly show,” Eitrheim said. “When you see a Trojan rabbit on stage and a flying cow, you’ll start laughing at the absurdity.”

While the set is being put together, costumes are being made for the many different characters of the show. Corinne Johnson, chair of the theater department, is helping to work on these costumes as well as preparing armor for different characters.

“We’re using whatever we can get our hands on,” Johnson said. “There is going to be real metal along with [material like] plastic made to look like metal. There are some scenes where it needs to be real metal, otherwise, when a piece gets dropped, it wouldn’t fit the scene.”

Johnson has noted how expensive the ‘Spamalot’ show is to put together. This is despite the efforts to make set pieces, props, and costumes look as cheap as possible. For what it is worth, the theater department will need a lot of help in putting together the musical.

Recently, the musical had its director, Bill Tyson, step down due to his busy schedule. The position was filled by the return of Micheal Kennedy, the retired SAU head of the theater department.

“He helped start the theater department,” Johnson said. “It’s good to have him back to help with the show.”

This is a lot of time and effort to be put into one musical. However, the theatre department is doing the very best to make it a great show. There is a lot of talent being thrown into the production and there is no way it is going to waste.

‘Spamalot’ will take the stage Oct. 4 and 5 at 7:30 p.m. and Oct. 6 at 3 p.m.


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