Person on the Street

What’s the Ambrose Advantage?


POS Tara

“The wide variety of clubs, organizations and awesome campus events to become involved in. Each student has the opportunity to create a unique and individualized educational path leading them to gain experiences and knowledge in all areas of interest. Seriously, at Ambrose it’s about about variety, diversity and opportunity which all add up to the Ambrose Advantage.”

Tara Allison – Class of 2011 – BS in Psychology – Crown Point, IN


POS kristin

“There are so many, but the one I keep coming back to is how connected I felt and feel at St. Ambrose in so many ways. I felt connected academically, I felt connected socially, and I felt connected spiritually. And that is something, to this day, I find hard to replicate. No matter where you go or what you do, when you come back to campus, you feel that sense of belonging and community that is very rare. And other universities, I just don’t think they have what we have here. That, to me, is the Ambrose Advantage.”

Kristin Johnsrud Wilson – Class of 1988 – BA in Public Administration – St. Louis, MO

POS karen

“The Ambrose advantage for me in undergrad was small class sizes and conveniently close to home (Colona, IL). I went to Geneseo High School and liked the small school feel so the Ambrose class sizes were perfect. I also love the architecture and landscaping of Ambrose; it is beautiful year-round. It was also an advantage that Ambrose worked closely with many school districts in the community for placing their future teachers. I was able to experience several school districts and actually was hired for my second and current teaching job thanks to one of those placements.”

Karen Snyder Cervantes – Class of 2007 – BS in Mathematics and Secondary Education – 2011 Masters of Education in Teaching – Davenport, Iowa

POS maria

“I think the Ambrose Advantage is the dedicated faculty and the recognition of their MBA program and other Business programs by larger companies in the area. Getting hired is easier.”

Maria Naert Drummond – Class of 2009 – BA in German Language and History – 2013 MBA – Houston, TX

POS Jodi

“I would say the Ambrose advantage is being in a supportive environment that allows you to discover yourself and nurtures your talents. It is a place where you are able to make lifelong friends.”

Jodi Leonard McGinn – Class of 2005 – BA in Music Education – Muscatine, Iowa


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