Homecoming at SAU

Homecoming weekend was victorious for Ambrosian alumni and athletes alike. The Fighting Bees football team dominated the Cardinals of Concordia University of Michigan, 66-0, bringing the Bees’ season record to 2 and 1.

For others, Homecoming weekend was all about the future of St. Ambrose University. Members of the SAU community gathered to seal a time capsule that will be placed in the Ambrose Hall cornerstone and opened in 2082, SAU’s 200th anniversary.

The sight of umbrellas and screams from the cheerleaders standing uncovered on the track was a sure sign of rain. The rain might have been a factor for fans and the SAU cheerleaders, but a few raindrops weren’t enough to stop the Bees from scoring touchdown after touchdown.

“After every touchdown we do push-ups,” said Sara Lampo, a senior on SAU’s cheerleading team. “It’s usually a great way to get crowd involvement, but the cheerleaders definitely got a workout.”

Victory was evident after the Bees scored on their first six possessions, so the majority of players got a chance to see the field.

“It was a great game for everyone to get playing time,” defensive line coach Michael Tetlow said.

This was an important victory for the Bees after coming short last weekend against St. Francis Indiana.

“We’ve got a tough road ahead of us for the rest of the season,” defensive backs coach Mark O’Connor said. “Our conference has six teams ranked in the top 25 so we have some very good opponents coming up on our schedule. We are confident that we can win every game, but it is important that we focus on one game at a time.”

The 11th-ranked Bees will travel to Oskaloosa, Iowa, to face the 25th.-ranked William Penn on Oct.5. Kick-off is at 1:30p.m.

Future members of SAU will have a similar chance to time travel in 2082. A time capsule that was found in the Ambrose Hall cornerstone earlier this year was packed with items that communicate what SAU is today.

Saturday morning before the Homecoming game a group of 50 Ambrosians gathered in the Beehive for a ceremony to close the time capsule. Students had the opportunity to suggest items to put in the capsule, including an issue of The Buzz and a USB drive with letters and pictures from current SAU students.

The Rev. Charles “Chuck” Adam blessed the time capsule before it was sealed until 2082. Heather Lovewell, Sr. Joan and Monsignor John Hyland were also present.

Students, alumni and friends were also invited to Homecoming events including a lecture by Winona LaDuke, the 18th annual Killer Bee 5K run/walk held Saturday morning, and various events sponsored by CAB including the taste of Ambrose and karaoke in the Beehive.


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