Banned books bandwagon

The American Library Association started banning books in 1982 after they searched for books with qualities that they thought deserved banning. Some of these books gets banned after being published because they might contain sexual content, language and things along that line. Recently, an Alabama senator, Bill Holtzclaw, has ordered The Bluest Eye, by Toni Morrison to be banned.

“The book is just objectionable, from the language to the content,” Holtzclaw said.

Even though the highest percentage of banned books, or books going through challenges, are usually from kindergarten to the 12th grade, this has carried on to colleges as well.

The idea of Banned Books Week is to promote and remind people that they are free to read anything that they enjoy. This is against the idea of books being banned. Some of the books going through challenges of being banned are kept and later sold out to individuals who are interested in reading them.

The Penguin Book Truck was on campus Friday Sept. 27 selling these books to people who are interested in reading them. Their idea is to display, promote and emphasize on the idea of freedom of reading.

St. Ambrose University library also has a list of banned books from the past at their circulation and reference desks. Students can go in there at any time and take a look at these books and come up with their own opinions.

“Do not take for granted your freedom to read whatever you want. Come in and see if you would find some of these books interesting,” Joyce Haack, library technical assistant, said.

You can also go to the library website and read more about these books, or go to the library and ask for these books from the librarians.

Banned Books Week  is here to promote students’ freedom of reading. Take advantage of it.


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