Fighting Bee Spotlight: golf player Luke Staudt

Luke Staudt. Katie Bailey/The Buzz.
Luke Staudt. Katie Bailey/The Buzz.

When Saturday morning rolls around, junior Luke Staudt is one of two places. He is enjoying the retro ambiance while munching on a glazed donut at Donuts and More. If he is not there, he is out on the golf course.

For the last three years Staudt has been a member of the Ambrose golf team. Averaging a 75.75 so far this season, Staudt plays a large role on the team. Having played many sports in his life, golf was always the strongest for him.

“You don’t have to have a physical advantage, you just have to have a good head on your shoulders,” Staudt said about his game.

He believes it is 90 percent mental. Superstition plays a little into the mental aspect. Since coming to Ambrose, Staudt has used the same ball marker. A 1971 half dollar marks the spot where his ball lies on the green. The reasoning behind the year is shooting a 71 would make him very happy.

When he is in competition he sticks to his game plan: emotionless golf. That means that regardless if things are going good or bad, he sticks to playing the percentages and avoids taking unnecessary risks.

The green is where Staudt is most confident with his game.  If he could choose any club to go into battle with it would be his putter.

“Short game is really important,“ Staudt said. “I have always had a close relationship with my putter, and I hope it stays that way.”

The Marble Rock, Iowa, native has had a lot of practice with his short game because he has been golfing since he could walk. Growing up he learned the game from his parents and two older sisters and spent his summers in golf tournaments that his parents entered him in.

Through his golf career, he credits his parents for his success. They are also his biggest fans as well as his roommates.

Outside of golf Staudt keeps himself busy as he is involved in music ministry, the president of Phi Eta Sigma and plays in the pep band. In between that he balances following Iowa State athletics and a little leisure reading. Usually the topic revolves around golf.

“If I’m going to read, it might as well be productive,” he joked.

He also likes to hang out at the Davenport River Music Experience.  Being a huge alternative fan, Dave Mathews Band is his band of choice.

Coming from a town of 300, Davenport seems like the big city, but it is growing on him. This past summer he traded in the Quad-Cities for St. Louis where he worked as an intern for Enterprise, gaining experience to help him in field of management and finance. Eventually he wants to be a financial advisor.

With a busy schedule, Staudt turns back to golf to find peace.

“The course is my sanctuary. It’s where I can get away from the stresses of life while getting to play the game I love,” Staudt said.

Staudt and the rest of the Fighting Bees will be teeing off at the NAIA Midwest Invitational Oct. 14 and 15 at Deere Run in Silvis, Ill.


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