Where in the world is Sr. Joan?

Update: Sister Joan has returned to campus since this publication.


Chicken nugget days in the cafeteria. Getting lost in the maze called Ambrose Hall. The overwhelming feeling of sadness when Buzz Bucks start to run dry. These are just a few of things that are a part of the Ambrose experience.

But first year students are going to be missing out on the most exhilarating experience of them all during their first month here.

Sister Joan sightings.

“I don’t think she’s made it a secret that she’s always enjoyed traveling and learning about other parts of the world,” Dr. Paul Koch, vice president of academic and student affairs said. “So she’s in China for a month.”

Sister Joan Lescinski, St. Ambrose University President, is currently taking a one month sabbatical.

“The job of a university’s president is extraordinarily demanding,” Koch said. “Presidents every sixth or seventh year will take a period of sabbatical to refresh and renew themselves so they can continue the high energy, demanding job they have.”

Lescinski is not in China to develop relationships. However, St. Ambrose has new agreements with a couple Chinese universities and students coming to St. Ambrose as a part of her leave. Koch said she was anxious to spend time in China to develop an understanding of the culture of the international students on campus.

“Presidents typically take three consecutive months but she’s taking one month at a time,” Dr. Koch said. “She’ll take a month now and a couple one month periods next year. She does it that way so that she’s on campus for all the major events.”

Koch says Lescinski’s sabbatical will not have a large affect on students since it is short term.

“Looking at the events coming up, the larger ones are at the end of September, homecoming and a board of trustees meeting,” Koch said. “Students will notice no difference because she will be present for that.”

Koch holds the Letter of Delegation during Lescinski’s absence. He is empowered to act in her name if a large decision were to be made. Sister Joan will be back on campus toward the end of September.


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