The student, the budget and the wardrobe

Every year it feels like I come back to school with so much more stuff than I left with in May. Every August, while I pack up the car to head back to SAU, the question “Where am I going to put all this stuff?” comes to mind. Note to self: if all your clothes don’t fit in your car, you probably over packed. As much as I wish it did, this doesn’t stop me from bringing back every last piece. After all, you never know when you might need your favorite jean skirt from that grade school dance a few years back.

As a freshman, I was so flustered when I walked into my Davis dorm room. Obviously the August heat and lack of air conditioning had something to do with this, but I had no idea where I was going to put anything. Now, as a senior, I still experience that sense of panic associated with moving into a new room, but I like to think that I’ve grown wiser with time.

Here are a few tips that will keep you, your clothes and your room organized this year.

 1. Put the fun in functional

Pinterest has proven this to be true with every DIY craft I’ve ever pinned. A necklace frame is a pretty easy craft to make, and it will keep your necklaces displayed in a functional, tangle-free way. SAU senior, Katie DeMatteo’s frame is functional, holding her entire necklace collection, but is also a fun way to decorate her room. Check out local thrift stores to snag a frame for a few bucks and use spray paint and hooks from a hardware store to create the finished product.

2. Utilize the space under your bed

At home, your mom might think I am crazy for suggesting this, but at school your bed is three feet off the ground for a reason. Living in a small room your bed takes up a large amount of space, so don’t let this area go to waste. It’s a good spot for storage containers, your hamper, or bins for bulky pieces like sweaters or sweatshirts.

 3. Take advantage of your closet 

Obviously you use your closet for all your hanging clothes, but don’t forget about the floor space. Rather than hanging your shoes and using up that extra space, try a shoe rack. You can find this one for $14 at Target.

4. Keep your drawers neat so your clothing is visible

This tip might entail a little work, because you will need to figure out a new way to fold your clothes. Rather then piling your clothes up in a drawer, try stacking them vertically. This way you can see everything you have without having to dig through your drawers every morning. You’re also going to fit a whole lot more in those little drawers, which is enough to make any fashionista smile.

5. Use your favorite things as decorations

The top of your desk and dresser are great places to display your favorite things. For me, I love my earrings and don’t see a point in keeping them in a drawer where they can’t be seen. To avoid this, I purchased a $12 earring tree (from Marshalls) and have all my hanging earrings proudly on display. The top of my dresser is also the home to my everyday jewelry and my favorite coffee table reads.


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