Pin now…do later

Pinterest is that wonderful site that allows us to imagine and dream of what we could look like or eat for supper, where we could go and how we could organize our homes. Here is one option for actually creating an item that has been pinned by thousands of girls, but only attempted by few.

Summer is nearing its end and so is that pair of flip-flops you have been wearing since the snow melted. Here is a way to add a little fun to your shoes and make them last a little bit longer.



A pair of flip-flops

Four strips of any kind of fabric about one inch thick. They should be long strands allowing you to put as many knots in them as you want and making the straps as tight or loose as you prefer.



First, cut the plastic straps off of the sandals to make room for the new ones. Put two of the strands of cloth through the toe hole and tie a knot on the bottom and top of the sandal. Then poke the rest of the cloth through the two remaining holes. Make sure to put your foot on the sandal as you would wear it to ensure that the straps will fit. Tie tight knots on the underside of the shoe and cut the excess material.

So, if your favorite sandals have seen better days but you can’t give them up, try this cute recycling idea.


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