Pin now…do later


Mason jars have risen in popularity lately thanks to Pinterest, and are no longer used for their original purpose. Rather, they have graced wedding receptions as centerpieces, patios as decorative candle jars and indoor end tables as flower pots. The kitchen table in my apartment is no different, as three pastel painted jars hold fake flowers to brighten the room as soon as one walks in.



Mason jars


Flowers – real or fake



Pour a dollop of paint into the bottom of the jar and swirl the jar around until the inside is covered with paint. You may need to use a brush to get the rim and top of the jar. Then, just let them sit until the paint is dry and then you can use them to decorate however you wish. If you are looking to add a little more color, a piece of fabric tied around the outside mouth of the jar is always an easy fix.


This simple project is the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon if you are feeling crafty. These can be made for specifc holidays, too. With Halloween coming up, orange jars could be popping up all over. If you are looking for a way to add some color to a normally beige dorm room, this is a great fix!


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