New hours for SAU facilities


The start of the new school year has brought the start of many changes on St. Ambrose’s campus. Some of the biggest adjustments students will notice can be found in the Cosgrove cafeteria and Lee Lohman arena.

The cafeteria located in Cosgrove is now open until 7 p.m. on weeknights, 6 p.m. on Saturday nights as well as 6:30 p.m. on Sunday evenings. Sodexo General Manager Steve Finn said after much consideration, he decided it would be a smart move.

“This way students aren’t forced to use their Buzz Bucks. If they are paying for a meal plan, they should be able to use it,” Finn said.

Finn looked at other sister colleges and noticed that a number of their cafeterias were staying open until 7 p.m. Between this, classes ending around 6:30 p.m. and athletic practices not ending before the cafeteria closing, staying open later was a must.

“So far, it’s a win,” Finn said, as they have seen students still coming in to eat after 6:30.

He also noted that this change eases the pressure off of the food court in the Rogalski Center because students would go there if they found the cafeteria was closed.

As far as other changes for Sodexo, Finn noted that they will be running the coffee shop in the Beehive located in Ambrose Hall as soon as the construction is completed. He said they are hoping to find a student manager for the coffee shop as well. They have also switched over to Starbucks coffee rather than Seattle’s Best, which they used in the past. Finn pointed out that the options have changed as well, providing more international and vegetarian options. Sodexo has also moved toward mindful, or well-balanced food that have less sodium and oils and contain healthier and fresher local produce. To help with the mindful initiative, Finn said they have been able to get produce from the Greenlife garden.

On the horizon for Sodexo is the fixing of the ice cream machine, which has been put at the bottom of the list of items to be looked at, as there are air conditioners that have precedence.

The food court is also looking forward to hand tossed pizzas by Chef Kevin. Finn noted that there will be tastings soon before they officially start selling the pizzas.

Lee Lohman arena has seen a few changes as well. Director of Athletic Facilities Tony Huntley said that more cardio equipment was moved upstairs from the downstairs cardio room. This was done to allow for more space downstairs for fitness classes or other activities sponsored by the Campus Recreation office. Campus Recreation is also working on keeping Lee Lohman open late on Friday and Saturday nights if there are not volleyball or basketball games. This is to provide students with another option for activities on the weekends.

Lastly, the St. Ambrose Library made a few minor changes over the summer. The photocopiers that were located on the first floor have been completely removed leaving students the option to scan any documents or books. From there students can send the documents to their e-mail, USB drive or a printer.

All of the changes made in the cafeteria, Lee Lohman and the Library were done keeping the students in mind. The school year could prove to be a little less stressful for students with these minor changes made.


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