Getting in the groove of things

Some have been dreading this all summer, while others have been anxiously awaiting it: The start to a new school year. Despite your feelings, this means that a fresh start and another opportunity to succeed are here. So here are a few tips to help any collegiate do her best this school year and avoid some stress as the semester gets underway.

Get ahead early. If you start putting homework and projects off now, you will form bad habits and never get caught up. It is always beneficial to see what you need to have completed by certain dates, so you can be prepared and avoid all-nighters later in the semester.

Write it down. Buy a planner and actually use it. Write all of your major due dates so nothing sneaks up on you, and you can see how busy you will be before scheduling a weekend away.

Find your place to study. Your first test will probably be in a few short weeks and you know the homework will start pouring in soon if it hasn’t already. You will also start to realize that midterms are 6 weeks away.

Get involved. Although this is not directly involved with schoolwork, it will help you to perform better in the classroom if you take some time to relax and get away from homework. Don’t forget to attend on-campus activities to reunite with old friends and make new ones.

Stay Fit. On our campus there are so many fitness classes and cardio pods available for free that it’s almost impossible to find a reason not to work out. If you keep a workout routine going you will not only stay healthy but also feel good about yourself and have fun while doing it.

Hopefully these tips will be beneficial as the school year gets underway and the workload starts to pile up. The most important tip to remember is to stay organized and well-balanced. Don’t forget to take time for friends and family in the midst of everything that comes with a new school year, and you are guaranteed to have a great time and make this the best year yet!


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