Fall is perfect season for biking

Soon enough, the temperatures will drop and snow will blanket the ground at Ambrose. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of the beautiful, autumn weather. What better way to do this than a leisurely bike ride in some of the Quad Cities most picturesque places? From road races to citywide clubs, bicycling has been a Quad Cities tradition for years. Of the many bicycle paths located in the Quad Cities, three stand out.

One of these paths is The Great River Trail. This trail runs along the Mississippi River from Rock Island, IL to Savanna, IL, a total of 65 miles. However, 30 miles of the trail is located within the Quad Cities. If you want a smooth ride with plenty of breathtaking views of the Mississippi, this trail is for you! Hop on via River Drive in Moline, IL.

A second option is the Sylvan Island trail in Moline, IL. This small, man-made island was originally used as an industrial site. After being abandoned and reclaimed, it is now a favorite spot for fisherman, bird-watchers, and mountain bikers alike. The entrance to this island is located off 1st Street and River Drive in Moline near the Rock Island border.

The third, and closest to campus, is the Duck Creek Parkway. This 12-mile path will take you from the heart of Davenport, IA through several urban centers in Bettendorf, IA. Many sports fields, picnic spots, and park benches are located along this parkway. In order to access this community path, travel any of the major north-south streets, and you’ll cross it.

So, grab your bicycle, some friends, and your helmet, and see what these three scenic bike paths have to offer.


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