Beeswax: Munir Sayegh, International Recruiter


What is your position here at St. Ambrose?

I’m the international recruiter for the International Admissions Department. This job has only been around for a month. I go abroad and help students through the admissions process. I encourage them to apply and get all of their documentation in. I recruit mostly for academics.


What do you do here on campus?

I look through applications and contact students to get their transcripts in. I want make sure their paperwork is processed. I do a lot of corresponding via e-mail, Skype or phone to talk to the students and answer their questions about St. Ambrose. I think Ambrose is a great experience for international students. We have an excellent campus, good community and nice people. The domestic students will also have their experience enriched by having international students to talk to about different cultures and food. Overall, having more international students is great for everyone.


You graduated from SAU in 2011, so what brought you back here?

This job. When I graduated I went to Egypt for a year, worked in Indianapolis for a year, and then this job opened up so I decided to apply. I love anything international. I love international students, I love going abroad and I like everything about the international office. I love St. Ambrose. It feels like I never left.


What are your goals for the school year?

I hope to bring about thirty new international students to St. Ambrose over the course of this next year.


How do you go about recruiting?

Any country other than the United States is my territory, so basically the world. I’m going to the Middle East next month and then I’m going to China in late October. We’re signed up for a conference, so I go to six countries in two-and-a-half weeks. I’m going with a group of thirty universities that travel together. We’ll be in each country for two days doing high school visits.


What do you do in your free time?

I live with my grandparents thirty minutes north in DeWitt. I do a lot of design, photography and hang out with friends.


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