Imagining the world in the year 2132 C.E.

“It is always wise to look ahead, but difficult to look further than you can see.” –Winston Churchill

As a gift to those who open and enjoy the contents of this time capsule, current St. Ambrose University students, staff and faculty have challenged themselves to imagine the world in 2132. Many struggled with being able to predict many more advances in the currently technology-driven and fast-paced world but hope you are entertained, surprised and intrigued by their responses.

“I believe in 2132 we will compare St. Ambrose University to what it was today and see many similarities. I believe many of our structures, which have been built frugally but with strong work ethic and care, will remain the hub of campus. I believe our values as a community, emphasizing the personal relationship, genuine care for others, and that our purpose is to enrich the lives of others, will remain strong. I believe our identity as a Catholic Diocesan university will be clearly understood. I believe our administration, staff and student body will be more diverse than ever before, affirming our belief in the God given dignity and worth of all individuals and our commitment to giving the opportunity for an education to those who might not otherwise have had such. Finally, I believe that as those who come after me review the contents of the time capsule they will feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that they held true to and fostered the ideals passed through the test of times over the past 250 years. St. Ambrose Unviersity has a mission and purpose that transcends our individual vision and humanness and I believe that purpose will be clear and strong in 2132.

Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to this document.


Timothy P. Phillips

Associate Vice President & Dean of Students”


“In the year 2132, I would like to believe that the world has championed sustainability.  That we have been able to feed and care for the world’s population without hurting the environment and ultimately the health of humanity.  I would also like to envision a world in 2132 where a peaceful existence is enjoyed by the overwhelming majority of humanity.”

John Cooper

Vice President of Enrollment


“Transportation? I hope people are using their feet much more in 2132 than they do in 2013. But if they have to use a machine, I want it to be the bicycle. Or mass transit. Three cheers for mass transit. Let’s put restrictions on automobiles and whatever comes after them. For the cost of bread, my bread cost just a few pennies. I bake. Only whole wheat. One of the most satisfying things I do each week is bake. I hope that people in 2132 are still baking. If they’re not, I highly recommend that they grind flour and get into the kitchen. Who needs stamps? People don’t write letters in 2013. I’m certain they won’t be in 2132. A signifcant loss, a dreadful loss. There’s going to be a renewed interest in the liberal arts, and the most important departments on campus will be English, history, philosophy, theology and foreign languages.”

Owen Rogal, PhD

English Professor


“In 2123, I imagine music will have become just noise, no words. There will be flying cars and teleportation. Gasoline will be a thing of the past, machinery will operate off of an alternative fuel source. I imagine there will be no stamps. With the ways prices and taxes are increasing, I would not be surprised if bread all of a sudden cost $100.”

Jake Hannon

Davenport, Iowa

Sophomore Marketing and Radio/TV Broadcast Major

Cosgrove Hall Resident Adviser


“In 2123, country-techno will be the top genre of music. However, everyone will still listen to and enjoy Michael Jackson. People will still communicate with a type of cell phone but there will be a telepathic function. These phones will pick up brain waves and be able to process thoughts, type them out and all. A gallon of gas will cost $8.22. I believe St. Ambrose University will expand and remodel every building. The townhouses will make a comeback and the population will double. And, of course, the ridiculous “bee puns” will live on.”

Lindsey Gibney

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Senior Nursing Major

Campus Activities Board, Night Life Chair


“In 2123, research through the Children’s Miracle Network and other organizations will have found a cure for cancer and all other chronic pediatric diseases.”

Amanda McClure

Bloomington, Ill.

Senior Nursing Major

SAU Dance Marathon, Executive Director


“Cell phones are basically a part of humans as is, as everyone constantly has a phone in hand. By 2123, communication devices will be implanted in all humans. Some sort of phone in the ear.”

Kristin Upah

Ames, Iowa

Junior Behavioral Neuroscience and Theology Major

Spiritual Community Ambassador


“I can’t begin to imagine what the world will look like in 2032, let alone a century beyond. I do know that when I look around, among the very few tangible reasons I can find to be optimistic for the future are the hearts and minds of our best and brightest students (and that is most of them) at St. Ambrose.”

Craig DeVrieze

Director of Publications & Editorial Projects


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